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Elite Bio Twine White 500m / kg spool 4.5 kg

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Elite Bio Twine White 500m / kg spool 4.5 kg

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spoel = 4,5 kg
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Bio Twine from ELITE®

ELITE® Bio Twine is a 100% natural product made from PLA, a bio polymer out of plant sugars. This "natural plastic" is the world's first polymer showing a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and use of fossil fuels. After a successful crop, this Bio Twine can be returned into nature by composting it. The residue of the twine is pure compost, a nutrient for soil. ELITE® Bio twine has already been proven all over the world in tomatoes and peppers.

Advantages of Bio twine

  • Sustainable
  • Made of high quality PLA
  • Soft and flexible
  • Not UV sensitive!

    Bio twine's features

    • A polymer made from maize corn starch
    • Type's : 800 - 700 - 600 - 400 (m/kg)*
    • Strength approx.:     23  -  26  - 29   -  40 (kgf)
    • Minimum degradation during use
    • Colour : whit, yellow and green **
    • Less risk for giving illnesses
    • Degrades in the compost within 5 - 20 weeks (tested)
    • Successfully tested in greenhouse during 3 seasons

    * different types on request
    ** different colours possible

    Do you want to test the Elite Bio Twine first?

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