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Arad Multi-Jet watermeter zonder puls Type M¾" 1"Bu.dr.

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Arad Multi-Jet watermeter zonder puls Type M¾" 1"Bu.dr.

Artikelnummer 090901029

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Arad Multi-Jet water meter – 1 pulse per 10 litres.

With the multi-jet water meters (type M-MS) (1/2"-2") with threaded connection, the water passes the propeller through several inputs (multi-jet). As a result, the propeller is loaded symmetrically, resulting in less wear and tear. The multi-jet is insensitive to turbulence in the pipes. A straight piece of pipe in front of and behind the meter is therefore not necessary. However, the meter must be placed horizontally. (The Multi-jet meters are used in irrigation and drain systems and in industrial environments).

There is a possibility to equip the water meter with a pulse head for automatic registration of quantity and flow. As an option it is also possible to obtain the water meter in a 'hot water version' type MH. It can withstand temperatures up to 90°C.

  • A straight pipe in front of and behind the meter is not necessary. The Multi-Jet water meter is insensitive to turbulence in the pipes.
  • Meter must be placed in horizontal position, with the counter pointing upwards.
  • Read the enclosed operating instructions or installation instructions before installation.

Technical data

Accuracy± 2% between Qt and Qmax and ± 5% between Qmin and QtCertification MCE, ISO 4064, AWWA, C 708, SI 63
Connection M½"-2" (tube wire)MaterialDurable coated brass
Max. pressure10 barOption display

EV- reed switch (magn. contact)
EF- fotodiode

Max. temp.50°COption MHMulti-jet hot water application: on request

Technical specifications Multi-jet (M) water meter

TypM20Max. Counting capacity10^5 (m³)
Nominal size3/4” (inch)Min. Counting capacity0,1  (L)
Max. Capacity (Qmax)5 (m³/h)Length without couplings190 (mm)
Nominal capacity (Qn)2,5 (m³/h)Length with couplings285 (mm)
Transition Capacity (Qt)200 (l/h)Width95 (mm)
Min. Capacity (Qmin)50 (l/h)Height (without pulse output)108 (mm)
Pressure loss at max. capacity1 (bar)Weight with couplings2,0 (kg)
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